About Us

Groomcrate was founded in Springfield, Missouri by three guys looking to kick the corporate lifestyle and start a venture of our own. We all found ourselves in the chapter of our lives where everyone around us is getting engaged, planning a wedding, or recently married. After we wore our fair share of rental tuxes, we began to notice a common theme.Bowtie Tuxedo Close Up

Groomsmen gifts typically fell into two categories. Most were cheap, generic, and better suited for sitting on a shelf. Some were custom, expensive, and put a ton of stress on the groom during one of the busiest times in his life.

Since we knew the groom would be running short on time, we hand-picked gift boxes for each guy in his wedding party. We conducted market research, analyzed the data, studied industry trends—then threw all of that out and picked what we wanted anyway. Because who better to understand what guys like them want than, well, guys like them?

Outdoor woodworking with saw and earmuffs.

Each gift box is built around the personality of groomsman you’re likely to find in every wedding party. We’ve included options for the career-oriented guy, the outdoorsman, and the resident grillmaster. You’ll also notice crates for the stylish guy in the group, and don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the party animal.

Every gift package is delivered in a handmade wooden box, complete with lid and customizable card insert. We’ve packed them full of quality products each groomsman can use in their everyday life. We offer flat-rate, guy-friendly pricing and speedy shipping. Now the groom can spend a little more time selecting flower arrangements. You’re welcome.